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Kofifi 97.2 FM is a mainstream radio station broadcasting from Johannesburg, South Africa.

Kofifi FM provides educational programs, social, personal and spiritual growth, news and entertainment.

Kofifi was created with the aim to help the community where it’s inserted, giving it the latest trends and news in education, social development, spiritual and personal growth, and entertainment.

The station uses its airtime to advertise and share local businesses and events.

Main Programs
  • Kofifi Breakfast
  • Good Morning Kofifi
  • Inspirational Talk
  • Kofifi Youth Colabo
  • Kofifi Girls Aloud
  • Kofifi Jive Drive
Main Hosts
  • Sebastian
  • Ralton Seegels
  • John Cotty
  • Joseph Cotty
  • Pastor Faver
  • Brent Williams


Johannesburg (97.2 FM);