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LM Radio is a commercial radio station based in Maputo, Mozambique broadcasting to South Africa.

LM Radio means Lifetime Memories Radio aims to create memories with their audience all day every day.

Tune in into LM Radio and relax with a broad range of music from the 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s together with a blend of modern day music in the same style and flavor.

Bring back the best memories of your lives and create new ones to the sound of LM Radio.

Main Programs
  • Music Through the Night
  • David Blood and Co
  • The Mid Morning Madness Show
  • LM Afternoon
  • The LM Drive
  • Winding Down
Main DJs
  • Mathapelo
  • David Blood
  • Manie Grove
  • Cassey Mendes
  • TInky Pringle
  • Ian Logan


Johannesburg (702 AM);

Maputo (87.8 FM);