Blind History

Blind History

Blind History is a crash course in getting to know history’s greatest men and women - and by great we don’t always mean good. Hosted by Gareth Cliff and Anthony Mederer from Taylor Blinds & Shutters, this series will tell you what the history books sometimes leave out - the sordid stories, the less well-known details, some of the stuff they didn’t teach you at school. Each person will help you put a piece of the puzzle in place, and bring history to life. Brought to you by Taylor Blinds & Shutters.

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Kings and Queens aren’t always the best of us. Sometimes they’re weak, pathetic, unimpressive or downright evil! Just as history has shown us a range of glorious and exemplary monarchs, it is also full of examples of the kinds of men and women who might have been better suited to obscurity - men and women whose brief chapters in the story of their kingdom is one of great embarrassment or misery. Donald Trump would probably call them "losers”, but we thought they deserved a backward glance in the last episode of the season...

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