Earthling Lotus

Earthling Lotus

Lauren Paige

Hello! Welcome to the Earthling Lotus podcast. My name is Lauren, and this is the podcast where we discuss anything and everything in-between within this experience we (as well as hear the stories of other creatives and artists along the way.) So I hope you're ready to create a life that you love, and learn to embody the most authentic version of yourself. Let the journey begin... “Earthling” represents all of the living beings, organisms, and plants that inhabit planet Earth here with us humans. “Lotus” represents that all Earthlings are constantly changing, evolving, growing, and expanding in every way, shape, and form to become the very best version of themselves; embodying a sense of love and happiness from the very depths of their being out to every part of this universe, along with gratitude for everything and life itself. This also speaks for those of whom have dealt with immense struggle and darkness throughout parts of their lives, and then come to a point in which their soul is awakened and transforms into a being full of light and love; just as a lotus starts out down in the depths of dark water and soil and then emerges out into the world full of radiance and beauty despite what it may have taken to get there. So, together, Earthling Lotus represents the ever-changing, evolving, transformative beings that we all embody as a collective consciousness. we are one. All earthlings working together in unity for Earth to thrive, which in turn allows us to survive. Each and every being on Earth is here for a reason, and we all are meant to grow and live our own purpose, our own journey, on our own path of life. Throughout the twists, turns, ups, downs, ebbs, and flows, it’s the realization that everything happens for a reason, and that we are always right where we are meant to be, that is the essence of Earthling Lotus.

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In this episode, I have 2 absolutely amazing humans with me, Christian and Aubry (a.k.a. The Matneys). We dive into their experience with traveling almost full time, living in a van (currently in Mexico), and what inspired them to quit the typical work flow and follow their passions despite the "norms" of society and expectations of fundamentalism. As well as their movie-worthy love story, minimalism, veganism, their transformative past experiences, and words of wisdom that they strive to live by every single day. Seriously, get ready, this is a good one :)

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