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Gem Feel Great Podcast

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Feel great just by pressing play on this podcast. The world’s only podcast 100% designed to make you feel great. Gem is the UK’s leading feel great radio station where you just have a laugh, and they just play music you know and love. The home of Morning Jo & Sparky, Jennie & Iain, Gem Anthems and some amazing news and life changing prizes. A Gem Original Production – 106FM and Digital Radio across the East Midlands of England, on your mobile and smart speaker across the UK via the Gem App.

Radio: Hits Radio Manchester

Categories: Comedy

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In the week where we've been blown about by Storm Gareth and laughing at cute dog videos from Crufts - this is another episode of The Feel Great Podcast! Jennie's off this week so I'm joined by special guest Sparky from Gem at Breakfast! They'll be talking about when you've regretted showing off, we delve once again into the weird world of emojis, Plus, we'll be playing the greatest game in radio history; PHIL THE PIG! (FOR DUMMIES) ★★★★★ If you're listening on iTunes don't forget to subscribe, rate us 5 stars and leave us your 'Feel Great Review' - one thing that has happened this week that's made you feel great! ★★★★★ Keep up to date by following us on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram, just search for @PlayGemRadio

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