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The ISG Digital Dish podcast explores the latest news, issues and debates involving the role of women to create a space for women’s voices and experiences in technology today. It brings together thinkers, industry leaders and pace setters who are ushering in – and sometimes questioning – the future of digital. What do women bring to the field? How can we think differently about how women together with men create competitive advantage and drive innovation? What does the field have to offer women seeking challenging and rewarding careers? How do relationships drive creativity and success? What can women share and learn from each other to collectively make a difference for ourselves? Join us for an ongoing discussion that examines these and other topics. We promise it will be a fresh and interesting journey.

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The differences between men and women have been the subject of thorny debates for centuries. Still today, stories can be found in the media that vastly exaggerate these differences. Yet, much of modern research fails to support many of the gender-based stereotypes with which we are all familiar. Numerous studies have shown that the differences between men’s and women’s brains are far less profound than previously thought. If these differences are so slight, then do they really matter? And how do they impact women in the workplace?    

Our guest on this episode of the ISG Digital Dish not only believes they matter, she believes they must be recognized and managed so women can thrive as leaders. Join host Jeanne Cuff as she talks to entrepreneur and executive coach Marsha Clark. Through her leadership and executive development programs, Clark has supported and empowered many women to achieve their full leadership potential. Listen in as Clark shares her insights about how women can bring their best, most authentic selves to the table. She also discusses her recently released book Embracing Your Power: A Woman’s Path to Authentic Leadership and Meaningful Relationships. 

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