Jesus Is Jacked

Jesus Is Jacked

George Cody Weber

Welcome to Jesus is Jacked: Christ Centered Transformation with Coach Cody & the CRAFT Method,

Are you sick and tired of always doing fitness transformation without Jesus? Shouldn’t He be at the center of that too?

Shouldn’t you be able to name the lies that are enslaving you and keeping you overweight?

The place where you come to:

- Boldly pursue growth and create change with your mindset, attitude and effort.
- Right HERE is where you stand firm in the calling on your life.
- This is where you finally adopt the belief that Excellence is not only possible - but attainable for you.
- And where you are always just ONE decision away from your best.

Join us!

New episodes release Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of each week.

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E017: Germ Theory vs Terrain Theory - Take Control of Your Environment

Do germs cause disease or does the terrain (environment) cause disease? Are there things in your own life that are causing disease that you wish you could be free from? Are you living with purpose and enjoying life to it’s fullest?

In this episode, Coach Cody with EP Fitness discusses how germ theory mindset can lead to fear in your life and how having a terrain theory mindset can help you overcome your fear and live a full life. Environment MATTERS. Take control of your internal environment-of the things that could be causing disease.

As always, if you are intrigued or want more information about how to take control of your life and live with purpose, text Cody directly at 316-315-9190 or check us out at

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