Lessons in Leadership Podcast

Lessons in Leadership Podcast

Fusi Akinkugbe

The series provides knowledge and insight about leadership, and shows how you can be a leader even right where you are. It examines the practical issues that impact our leadership, and provides actionable steps and tools to help put what you learn into practice. Learn from this podcast how to build your leadership effectiveness and how you can be be a positive influence in your immediate environment and beyond, and play a part in changing your world. For more, please visit: howyoucanlead.com

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In a world seemingly obsessed with image and self-branding, does humility matter for leaders? In this episode, we see how humility is a crucial quality effective leaders ought to have. Fusi looks at the success of Indian-born CEOs of major international companies to see why they have become so successful. Two things are identified as being responsible for their success, and humility is one of them. 

This episode looks at humility and the role it plays in making leaders successful. In addition to the example of humility of the Indian-born CEOs, a former US President and a corporate leader are also quoted, giving additional justification for humility by leaders in every sphere.

But what happens when leaders lack humility? A practical example shows us the effects of a lack of humility and how it hinders leaders in diverse ways.  

The episode closes by challenging each of us to begin the journey to effective leadership through humility. 

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