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Life in Plym

Life in Plym

Are you a University of Plymouth student? or maybe you are interested in coming to the University? Then you are in the right place. The Life in Plym podcast is the place to learn all about student life! For 2021, you can join recent graduate Tilda as she discovers the wellbeing and support services the University offer. Or you can look back at out 2020 episodes, where Tilda is joined by her co-host Millie as they look at student life in a socially distanced world. Intro song: UpBeat Party, by Scott Holmes.

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If you have ever felt stressed, alone, or are struggling with your mental health whilst at University, this episode is for you. Find out which mental health appointments are available for students at the University of Plymouth. Including "the listening post" and mental health appointments. 

Tilda (your host!) interviews Ben Broad, a qualified mental health nurse, who is a mental health worker for the wellbeing team at the University of Plymouth.


Livewell 24/7 helpline

Student Hub

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    Wed, 23 Dec 2020
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