Our State - South Australia

Our State - South Australia

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‘Our State’ is a half-hour, weekly radio segment airing 1:30pm ACST each Monday on Adelaide's FiveAA.The program focuses on uncovering and sharing important subjects: the interesting, the significant, the future, the unknown and the things that are happening, right now, in South Australia. Each week, a wide range of guests discuss achievements, initiatives and events which highlight South Australia’s priorities.

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Thin Ice VR is a world-first virtual reality project, produced by award-winning studio Monkeystack and on display now at the South Australian Museum

Thin Ice VR offers an unrivalled immersive experience to follow in the footsteps of polar explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton  and modern day adventurer Tim Jarvis that will leave viewers in no doubt about the devastating effects of climate change. 

Join James Calvert, Senior Lecturer Torrens University, Director of Thin Ice VR and Justine van Mourik Head of Public Engagement at the South Australian Museum as they take you though the VR experience at the South Australian Museum from 20 November 2021 - 6 February 2022.


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