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Pretty Happy Podcast

Ashley Mora

Welcome to Pretty Happy! I am your host, Ashley Mora! I’m a former Miss New Mexico USA, Miss New Mexico World USA, and I was on a dating REALITY TV show that aired on E! Now, I travel the world for a living and teach cycling classes in downtown San Diego. You could say I’m a multi-passionate person who has my hand in a little bit of everything! I’ve lived a pretty adventurous life and I’ve had the pleasure of meeting some incredible people along the way- People who inspire me to be better person and go after my dreams and goals. This season I’m calling in all my girlfriends and the conversations on this podcast are going to inspire YOU to face your fears, GO after your dreams, and give you the TOOLS you need to accomplish those big goals in life. This season we are celebrating some of the most incredible women from all different walks of life. The theme for season 2 of Pretty Happy is WOMEN OF INFLUENCE and below are just a few of the topics you can expect to be discussed over the next few months: Aligning with Your Purpose Finding Your WHY Productivity / Time Management Creating a Solid Morning Routine Confidence Developing a Healthy Mindset Empowering Young Women Setting and Achieving Goals Health & Fitness I'm so excited to learn and grow together! It’s our time.. time to create a Pretty, Happy Life! Tune in every Wednesday! Available wherever you get your podcasts!

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It's Lauren's (one of Ashley's best friends- who she met on a reality TV show) 35th Birthday!!! On today's episode, the girls sit for a very insight conversation around

- saying no
- being confident in your life choices
- what starting a new business is really like
- and doing the things in life that you're afraid of 

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