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Seeking Stories

Ryan Cardinale

Welcome to the Seeking Stories Podcast, where we unlock the secrets of storytelling so that you can change the world through your writing! During each 40-60 minute episode we break open books and movies to uncover the "why" behind what worked and what didn't. We discuss the craft of storytelling, and give you (our awesome listeners!) actionable tips for improving your writing and becoming a master storyteller. So, pull up a chair, get the fire roaring, and let's behold what a multitude of books and movies can teach us about storytelling. Thanks for listening!

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Kristen and I are thrilled to re-launch the Seeking Stories Podcast today, and moving forward we're filming the podcast for YouTube (the episodes will still be available for streaming on podcast platforms)! As part of the re-launch, we're starting a series where we break-down Harry Potter & the Sorcerer's Stone one chapter at at a time, and compare it to the corresponding scene(s) from the movie.

Today, we're examining Chapter One: The Boy Who Lived

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