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Space Radio

Paul M. Sutter

Space Radio is your weekly guide to the universe, featuring the latest news in astronomy, physics, space travel, and discussions on the nature of science and the relationship between science and society. The best part: answers to your questions about space and time! Hosted by astrophysicist and "Agent to the Stars" Paul M. Sutter.

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This week on Space Radio Live I rant… errrr, talk… about the Pro (yes, singular,) and Cons of having thousands of small communication satellites orbiting the Earth. I also answer some viewer questions, including: ► Why are scientists so surprised to find galaxies at the edge of the observable Universe? ► How the inherent nature of Space-Time impacts Earth-based observations using light that has just arrived here; ► … and much more. Cover Image: Starlink Satellite Composite, Mike Lewinski, Flickr Tonight's Dom's Cheese of the Week was Tête de Moine, a raw milk cheese from Switzerland. Special shout out to Russell Neitzke for his Super Chat! Join the show recording every Thursday at 8pm ET by leaving a voicemail at Support the show on Patreon. Follow on Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube. Justin G, Matthew K, Chris L, Barbara K, Duncan M, Corey D, Justin Z, Neuterdude, Nate H, Andrew F, Naila, Aaron S, Scott M, Rob H, David B, Frank T, Tim R, Alex P, Tom Van S, Mark R, Alan B, Craig B, Richard K, Steve P, Dave L, Chuck C, Stephen M, Maureen R, Stace J, Neil P, lothian53 , COTFM, Stephen S, Ken L, Debra S, Alberto M, Matt C, Ron S, Joe R, Jeremy K, David P, Norm Z, Ulfert B, Robert B, Fr. Bruce W, Catherine R, Nicolai B, Sean M, Edward K, Callan R, Darren W, JJ_Holy, Tracy F, Tom, Sarah K, Bill H, Steven S, Jens O, Ryan L, Ella F, Richard S, Sam R, Thomas K, James C, Jorg D, R Larche, Syamkumar M, John S, Fred S, Homer V, Mark D, Brianna V, Colin B, Bruce A, Steven M, Brent B, Bill E, Jim L, Tim Z, Thomas W, Linda C, Joshua, David W, Aissa F, Tom G, Marc H, Avery P, Scott M, Michael G, and Katelyn. Produced by Nancy Graziano. Cheese for today’s tasting proudly provided by Dom’s Cheese Shop. Hosted by Paul M. Sutter, astrophysicist and the one and only Agent to the Stars.

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