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The one triathlon show focusing on practical and actionable advice that you can use in your own triathlon training and racing. New episodes are released twice per week. The episode types are interview episodes with the greatest and smartest people in triathlon and endurance sports, and solo episodes with host Mikael Eriksson where you'll learn tactics and strategies you can apply in your triathlon training and racing, and all things swim, bike and run. All episodes, both interview and solo episodes, are produced with the goal in mind of giving age-group triathletes actionable advice. That Triathlon Show is brought to you by and is hosted by Mikael Eriksson. Learn more about That Triathlon Show at

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Q&A #122 - Metrics to track (and not to track) for beginners, intermediate and advanced athletes; The Power Duration Curve and WKO

  • What metrics should triathletes of different levels (and different levels of training/coaching and technical literacy) be tracking?
  • The danger of trying to track too many metrics, and tracking irrelevant metrics
  • What is the Power Duration Curve, who would benefit from using it, and how? 
  • Is it worth it to buy WKO for training analysis purposes for self-coached athletes? 
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