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Stalled Aero

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Formerly 107% F1 Show, Stalled Aero is a podcast about F1 and other motorsports from an American perspective. Informal, irreverent, and occasionally informative; join hosts Bernie and Kurtis as they recap F1 races and discuss the going on in motorsport.

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First sprint race weekend of the year, little bit of weird weather, little bit of crashing Ferraris on their home turf. An interesting weekend overall, with the race itself maybe being the least interesting bit. We talk sprint qualifying in general, how to fix F1 (worse brakes!), and you know...the regular stuff.

Previous episodes

  • 22 - FORMULA 1 ROLEX GRAN PREMIO DEL MADE IN ITALY E DELL'EMILIA-ROMAGNA 22: The Journey to Make this the Longest Podcast Title I've Ever Done for This Show or WIll Ever Do, But Its Still the San Marino GP 
    Mon, 25 Apr 2022
  • 21 - Australian GP 2022: 57 Laps of ALBON ACTION 
    Sun, 10 Apr 2022
  • 20 - 2022 Saudi Arabian GP: Missiles, a 33g Crash, Max and Charles, and Lance Stroll Slander 
    Mon, 28 Mar 2022
  • 19 - Season Opener Bahrain 2022: Porpoising, Fuel Pumps, and THE HAASTERPLAN. 
    Mon, 21 Mar 2022
  • 18 - Abu Dhabi Retrospective, Car Launches, Andretti??? 
    Sat, 19 Feb 2022
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