The Cash Cow Farmer Podcast

The Cash Cow Farmer Podcast

Scott Anderson: Farming and Finance Expert

Insight into farm financial management strategies, techniques and best practices. Become a top notch financial manager and planner for your farming operation. Implement time saving farm software tools and strategies. Maximize your farm's financial potential.

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Noa Schecter came from what used to be a farming country: Israel. Now Israel has “changed their wardrobe,” becoming more entrepreneurial than agricultural, but she remembers field trips to the farm and helping farmers during harvest.

Now she lives in Los Angeles, and she’s an educator and the author of two books: What’s On Your Mind and 51+ Networking Mistakes. She is co-founder and co-owner of The Accelerated Leadership Academy (TALA), a coaching company that creates sustainable results for individuals in the areas of health, wealth, and happiness.

She was kind enough to join me on the podcast, where she translated her “3 Steps to Success” to the world of farming.

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