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The Payments Show Podcast

Satwant Phull

The Payments Show helps businesses learn how to use the latest payments and financial technology to increase sales conversion and cut costs. Hosted by Satwant Phull, Founder of Digital Money Lab.

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In this episode of The Payments Show Podcast, I spoke to David Giannetto who is the CEO of WorkWave.

WorkWave is a company which provides Field Service Management Software for industries including Cleaning, Pest Control, Plumbing, Electrical, HVAC and many more. WorkWave made a strategic decision to take full control of their payment systems and developed an in-house solution so that they could deliver a superior customer experience.

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Summary of topics discussed:
1. Payments Facilitator vs Embedded Payments
2. Controlling the Stack
3. Off The Shelf vs Custom Solution
4. Poor Service From Payment Processors
5. Payments Are Eating The World
6. Organizational Structure
7. Money Should Just Flow: Become Invisible
8. March 2020: A Key Decision for a Superior Customer Experience
9. Results in the Field: The New Stack
10. Transparency of Fees: The Blowback!
And much more…

- Recorded on 27 Jun 2022
- Host: Satwant Phull, Founder of Digital Money Lab
- Guest: David Giannetto, CEO, WorkWave

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- Get in touch with Satwant:
- Get in touch with David: LinkedIn:
- WorkWave: | @WorkWave

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