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The Rise in Love Podcast

Crystal Irom

The Rise in Love Podcast exists to change the narrative within 21st century dating & relationships to help high-achieving women increase their magnetism and manifest the relationship of their dreams. Through personal growth, spirituality, and honesty served straight-up, you’ll take responsibility for what you desire in your life, appreciate the natural difference between men & women, and take control over your thoughts and beliefs, to create what you most desire!

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Have you ever wondered what working with a relationship coach really looks like? If so, you are in for a special treat today as I let you in on a coaching call between me and one of my clients.


When Sarah started working with me, she had been struggling to move on after a previous brief relationship about a year prior that she thought was her person. Things were fantastic! Until he ghosted her out of nowhere.


She was left feeling confused and frustrated. She, like many women, had a history of falling for people too quickly and holding onto people too long after they were gone. Even though she had tried dating other men after the relationship abruptly ended, she wanted help with the process of letting go.


In today’s episode, you get to be a fly on the wall as Sarah bravely and vulnerably shares her experience and we explore some of the deeper work to help her get aligned with the love she wants.


We also dive into a really powerful meditation and explore some manifestation exercises I often use with my coaching clients that will help Sarah deeply understand what she wants out of a man and how to align herself to be able to call in her person.


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