Unashamed with Phil & Jase Robertson

Unashamed with Phil & Jase Robertson

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The Duck Commander and his sons are unashamed of their Christian faith and want to share the Gospel with everyone, from new believers to longtime followers of Jesus. Phil, Al, Jase, and their special guests go beyond the four walls of the church to share God's Word and study the Bible with you. So pour a glass of tea, and experience fun and inspiring stories of faith and family, straight from West Monroe, Louisiana.

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Phil and Al discuss growth and how we are not always held to the decisions made by our younger selves. Jase shares a story of hunting with inexperienced hunters. Al recalls his unusual baptism experience, with a face-first plunge. Jase explains why you should humble yourself, especially after you receive gifts from God. And Jase shares the time he baptized someone who was scared of being under water. Pre-order your signed copy of Uncanceled by Phil Robertson: https://talkshop.live/watch/QID3D1y77yHJ Visit https://40daysforlife.com or Amazon to get “What to Say When: The Complete New Guide to Discussing Abortion” Visit https://OmegaXL.com/PHIL and buy one bottle and get a second bottle free - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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