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We rock this city

DYR also known as Durban Youth Radio FM is a community radio station broadcasting from Durban, South Africa.

DYR claims to play the best music and describes itself as vibrant, colorful, energetic, popular, and very sexy youth radio.

DYR is a station focused in the young public and it’s considered as one of the most popular stations at Durban.

To everyone who loves music and Durban’s lifestyle this is the station to tune in.

Main Programs
  • Sunday Summary
  • First Thing First
  • DYR Non Stop Music
  • Saturday Grind
  • Wake Up Call
  • The Morning After
Main DJs
  • Lizz
  • Yolanda
  • ABC
  • Junior
  • Lyle
  • AJ
Categories:  Hip Hop

Frequencies DYR - Durban Youth Radio FM

Berea: 105.1 FM

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Website:  dyr1051.co.za/

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