Synthwave City FM - live
Synthwave City FM
80tribe - Electrix


80tribe 23 hours ago
Droid Bishop - In Search of Gemini

In Search of Gemini

Droid Bishop 23 hours ago
Rayne Reznor - Eclipse


Rayne Reznor 23 hours ago
Signal Void - Gaia


Signal Void 23 hours ago
Stilz - Midnight Dancer

Midnight Dancer

Stilz 23 hours ago
Vector Seven - Slasher


Vector Seven 23 hours ago
Advakit - Every Second

Every Second

Advakit 23 hours ago
Oscillian - Don't You Give Up (feat. Nina)

Don't You Give Up (feat. Nina)

Oscillian 23 hours ago
The Midnight & Timecop1983 - On the Run

On the Run

The Midnight & Timecop1983 23 hours ago
Waveshaper - Client


Waveshaper 23 hours ago
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Synthwave City FM - live

Radio for the Synth Generation

Synthwave City FM is a radio station that live streams to the whole world a carefully curated selection of electronic music. Thanks to its commitment to delivering top-tier audio experiences to its listeners, this station is your go-to destination for an uninterrupted flow of synthwave, retrowave, chillwave, and vaporwave tunes.

Whether it's day or night, rain or shine, Synthwave City FM stands as a 24/7 haven for music enthusiasts, ensuring that the rhythm never stops and the beats keep on rolling. So, sit back, relax, and let the sonic waves of the retro-futuristic world take you on a timeless ride whenever you tune in.

Categories:  Electronic, Dance

Frequencies Synthwave City FM

Amsterdam: Online

Top Songs

Last 7 days:

1. Kalax - Dream

2. Le Matos - La Mer Des Possibilités

3. The Midnight & Timecop1983 - Dreams (feat. Dana Jean Phoenix)

4. Stilz - Midnight Dancer

5. Droid Bishop - The Outlander

6. Droid Bishop - In Search of Gemini

7. Lifelike & Kris Menace - Miami Nice, Pt. 1

8. Johnny Ola - Nighthawk

9. Neon Nox - Fahrenheit

10. Kalax - 86'

Last 30 days:

1. Kalax - Dream

2. Killstarr - Dreamscape

3. Le Matos - La Mer Des Possibilités

4. Stilz - Midnight Dancer

5. Wice - Aliens

6. Waveshaper - Client

7. Pylot - The Return

8. M.A.D.E.S - Return

9. Makeup and Vanity Set - Interference

10. Droid Bishop - In Search of Gemini





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