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Become a Paid Subscriber: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/80sflickflashback/subscribe The 80s Flick Flashback Podcast is for everyone who either grew up watching movies in the 80's or discovered the joy of these cinematic treasures. On each episode creator and host Tim Williams, along with a guest co-host, discuss an 80's flick by sharing their first-time watch memories, favorite iconic scenes, and even learning some behind the scenes facts and stories along the way.

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Shrinking someone down in order to inject them into someone else, is an absurd movie concept! Producer Steven Spielberg and director Joe Dante knew this, so rather than maintain the bland seriousness of 1966’s “Fantastic Voyage”, they decided to have fun with it, and made a better movie because of it. 

Lt. Tuck Pendleton, a daring Navy pilot, volunteers for a miniaturization experiment that becomes hijacked by industrial spies. He is accidentally injected into the body of a hypochondriac grocery clerk named Jack Putter. Inside Jack's body, Tuck must navigate through his host's bloodstream to survive and eventually reverse the process. With the help of Tuck's girlfriend, Lydia, the trio get tangled up in technological espionage to defeat some inept and unlikely arms dealers.

So get ready to shrink down, laugh it up, and twist the night away as Tim Williams and guest co-hosts, Ben Carpenter and Nicholas Pepin, discuss “Innerspace” from 1987 on this episode of the 80s Flick Flashback Podcast.

Here are some additional behind-the-scenes trivia we were unable to cover on this episode:

  • This is the only film directed by Joe Dante to win an Academy Award. It won the Best Visual Effects award.
  • Before the Scrimshaw meeting, Picardo's voice was overdubbed with Martin Short's. During the meeting, Picardo used his own voice (with a Short-esque lilt), as the filmmakers didn't think Short "trying" the Cowboy's voice would be convincing enough to make the scene work.


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