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SHOW DESCRIPTION: In this podcast I talk about the neuroscience behind crying and how crying can be very beneficial both mentally and physically, especially when it comes to stress reduction, and more!

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1:00 Why crying is not a sign of weakness

1:20 Crying is a complex human behavior with a myriad of mental and physical effects

2:11 How our thoughts, emotions and experiences change our brains

3:01 Why we need to express, not suppress, our emotions

3:32 How crying can help us manage toxic thoughts and emotions

3:45 Crying is a signal we need to listen to, which is telling us something is going on in our life

4:33 How crying relieves emotional pressure in the brain and body

10:00 How tears can help us restore balance in the brain and body

12:40 Crying can be both a signal and a validating response

13:42, 29:00 How to use mind management to examine your emotional responses, including crying, and improve your emotional health

15:16 How crying helps us communicate what we feel and what we need

17:30 What happens in your brain and body when you cry

27:40 Crying is a messenger—listen to what it is telling you!

32:00 Why there is no right or wrong way to cry


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