Days Like These - True Stories

Days Like These - True Stories

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The best story you'll hear this week. Days Like These is a podcast told by one person telling the tale of how they lived through something wild. Sometimes funny, sometimes scary, sometimes both. We've got sharks and pirates, justice and injustice, drugs and recovery, love and hate, spies and thieves, triumphs and disasters. All we need from you is less than half an hour each week.

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Days Like These is taking a break for the summer, but while we're away we wanted to share with you some of our favourite true story podcasts. History, tragedy, and triumph. Marrickville's Henson Park is an icon of Sydney's inner west. But before the unshakable Newtown Jets footy fans called it home, the community oval was a giant hole in the ground supplying Sydney's building boom. This is one of many great stories on the History Listen podcast.

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