Morning Motivation

Morning Motivation

Michael Whitehouse

A quick hit of high energy motivation. No interview. No deep messages. Just inspiring music and a message to get you going in the morning. You can listen to it on its own or you can use your smart device to use it as your morning alarm. It's designed to be great to wake up to in the morning... or whenever you need to wake up. Contact Michael Whitehouse at Learn about his events at

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Are you afraid of the big, vicious monster in your imagination? Are you hiding from what you perceive as a great beast? But that beast is just a playful floof. Living with the monsters you create for yourself holds you back, and creates more negative consequences than the monster in your head ever could. Stop holding yourself back with the imaginary monster in your head.

The Countdown (Loopable) by Dave Deville



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New Book: The View From The Deck: Thoughts on Values, Vision, and Gratitude

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