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In this interview with BizNews, veteran Democratic Alliance (DA) politician Jack Bloom takes viewers through the Gauteng premierships of Tokyo Sexwale, Mathole Motshekga, Mbhazima Shilowa, Paul Mashatile, Nomvula Mokonyane, David Makhura and Panyaza Lesufi. “Each ANC premier can only get worse. They might start off speaking about radical changes and spirit of renewal, and they're gonna do big things, but the mechanisms to do it get worse and worse because when you've got cadre deployment, cronyism, corruption - I call them the three Cs -over many, many years, your civil service is just completely neutered. You haven't got the instrument to do what needs to be done.” Bloom - who says the ANC is now trapped in a cage of its own making - shares the reasons why with only 35% of the votes, the ANC still controls 98% of the budget - and why it didn't want to share power with the DA. “The same old gang is in control…”However, the DA - which has 22 seats to the ANC’s 28 - has a game plan… “come budget time, they may have to do some serious negotiations or lose the budgets or lose their votes of confidence. Then we have to come to a more sustainable arrangement in the interests of this province.”

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