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Real Dictators

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Real Dictators is the new podcast series hosted by Paul McGann that explores the hidden lives of history’s tyrants. New episodes every Wednesday. Follow Noiser Podcasts on Twitter for updates on our shows.

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From the creators of Real Dictators comes a brand-new weekly show. Short History Of... gives you a front-row seat as history's most incredible moments play out right before you. In this taster episode, we're in Cuba. It's October 1962. Three men – Kennedy, Khrushchev and Castro – hold the fate of the planet in their hands. A dispute over missiles spirals out of control. All sides brace for war. How did it come to this? And just how close will the world come to nuclear Armageddon? This is a Short History of the Cuban Missile Crisis, Part 1. Search 'Short History Of...' in your podcast app and hit follow for weekly episodes. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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