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Unexplained is a haunting and unsettling bi-weekly podcast about strange and mysterious real life events that continue to evade explanation. A story-based show mixing spoken-word narrative, history and ideas - often to terrifying effect - that explores the space between what we think of as real and what is not; where sometimes belief can be as concrete as ‘reality,’ whatever that is… More info at www.unexplainedpodcast.com and on twitter @unexplainedpod and facebook.com/unexplainedpodcast

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Announcement: It is with a heavy heart that I must announce the postponement of Season 05 of Unexplained, which was due to launch tomorrow. Despite the series being ready to go, the uncertainty caused by the outbreak of Covid-19 has unfortunately led to the pausing of my advertising agreement for the time being. It has taken months of work to prepare for the launch and with Unexplained being my full-time job and livelihood I simply can’t afford to release the episodes without being able to monetise them. It goes without saying that your support is hugely appreciated and I’m so sorry to disappoint all you incredible listeners in this way; I feel hugely disappointed at having to postpone. What this does mean though is that you can rest assured that when things return to a relative state of normality, the full series of Unexplained will be ready to launch with a bang. I will release more info as I have it, in the meantime stay safe and stay spooky, Richard MacLean... Smith.

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    Thu, 02 Apr 2020
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    Fri, 03 Jan 2020
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  • 132 - S04 Episode 21: The Under Weight (Pt.1 of 2) 
    Fri, 20 Dec 2019
  • 131 - S04 Episode 20 Extra: Outside the Darkroom 
    Fri, 13 Dec 2019
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