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Cancer is studied from several angles at NDM, from its epidemiology and potential causes, to its effect on patient lives and outcomes, as well as the basic science underpinning the unregulated cell growth that is the hallmark of the disease. Our Cancer podcasts illustrate the diversity of this research, and provide snapshots to the work of NDM scientists and clinicians to understand, treat and prevent cancer.

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Melanoma or skin cancer is one of the fastest rising cancer types. When identified early, melanoma is relatively easy to cure, but once it starts to metastasise, it becomes very difficult to treat. DEREGULATION OF TRANSCRIPTION The interface between signal transduction and transcription regulation coordinates gene expression. Deregulation of transcription is a key factor in cancer. Professor Colin Goding studies how a precise programme of transcription regulation is achieved, particularly in the transition between normal and cancer stem cells, and the parallels with normal stem cell populations. Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-Share Alike 2.0 UK: England & Wales;

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