Money Lies

Money Lies

Jill Wright

Our relationship with Money is a primary driver of success in our business.Are you aware of your money beliefs and how they might be impacting your business?What if everything you thought you knew about money turned out to be a lie? What if your beliefs about money why you're not making more in your business?What if there was someone who could set you free from the lies and help you build a relationship with money based on TRUTH?I’m Jill Wright. I'm a Money Mindset Coach, serving as a human Money Lie detector for entrepreneurial women that find themselves stuck in overwhelm, indecision and inaction as a result of their money mindset.This podcast is all about exposing the lies we tell ourselves about money. ONLY after debunking these lies can we begin to uncover the truth that sets us free — free to experience MORE in our relationship with money and MORE in our business.

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We all want to contribute.

We all want MORE — not only for ourselves, but for the people around us that we love.

But it’s certainly no fun to be constantly looking over your shoulder comparing yourself to other people and wondering if you’re doing enough.

Tune in this week and infuse more joy into all your contributions.

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