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All Jazz Radio - live

My country, my music

All Jazz Radio is an online radio station aiming to promote African Jazz and international while serving as a station where Jazz lovers from all ages and backgrounds can meet and share their interests and enjoy their favourite music genre. 

Its programming is comprised of informative and education shows where presenters talk about the history of jazz, the particularities of this genre depending on their country of origin, well-known and new artists, and interviews with personalities of all over the world. In its line-up, it offers mostly music programmes dedicated to different music genres or varieties of Jazz, with playlists selected by volunteers and by its international staff. 

Main programmes

  • The Jazz Rendezvous
  • Smooth Cruise
  • In Conversation with...
  • Take 5 & Then Some
  • The Kibby Factor
  • The Groove Merchant
  • The Mother City Mix
  • The Vagabond Show
  • El Lado Latino (The Latin Side)
  • Mzantsi (South) African Jazz Show
  • Tsoang Afrika (Jazz From Africa)

Main DJs

  • Eric Alan
  • Clifford Graham
  • James “Acid Robot” Kibby
  • Wolfgang König
  • Andy Hardy
  • Granville Skippers
  • Brian Currin
  • Jeff Williams
  • Kari Gaffney
Categories:  Blues, Latino, Jazz

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