Stories of Scotland

Stories of Scotland

Stories of Scotland

Join hosts Jenny and Annie as they unravel the rich tapestry of Scotland’s culture, nature and heritage. Prepared to climb into caves, cairns and chaos, Jenny and Annie travel around Scotland and investigate how stories of the past can help us make sense of modern life.

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In this episode, Annie and Jenny travel back to 1913 Aberdeenshire, where the national insurance tax has just been introduced by then prime minister, Davil Lloyd George. Little does he know that this tax will cause uproar in the farthest reaches of Scotland. The small town of Turriff in Aberdeenshire becomes the epicenter of these frustrations and one man, Robert Paterson, and his beautiful cow soon become national news. There’s rioting, vegetable throwing, and a coo on the loose in the streets of Aberdeenshire. Listen in to hear the inspiring tale of the Turra Coo.

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