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What if we reimagined aging not as something to fear—but rather as something aspirational?

Today we reframe aging as a sacred phase of life to be celebrated. An opportunity to share accrued wisdom, channel it into a second act, and leverage it to make your life and relationships more meaningful.

Leading us on this philosophical journey is my new friend Chip Conley.

We discuss overcoming our collective fear of aging. Navigating midlife transitions. What it means to be a Modern Elder, the critical role of elder wisdom in the workplace, and the different forms and functions of mentorship, mindset, identity, and what is essential to finding fulfillment.

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Final Note: Chip will be hosting a few workshops in Baja in June and early July 2022, as well as a new 8-week online course called Designing Your Purposeful Path to Work, which starts June 4th, 2022. You can learn more HERE.

For anyone looking to weave more meaning and fulfillment into their professional life–particularly those who have pursued a certain career track for some time and are now contemplating new possibilities, consider this conversation appointment listening.

Peace + Plants,


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