Lesedi FM
John Stoddart - Angel


John Stoddart 22 hours ago
Leomile - Ke 'Na Eo

Ke 'Na Eo

Leomile 22 hours ago
Keith Washington - I Love You

I Love You

Keith Washington 23 hours ago
Men of Vizion - Break Me Off (Love Theme from Trippin')

Break Me Off (Love Theme from Trippin')

Men of Vizion 23 hours ago
Azana - Uthando Lwangempela

Uthando Lwangempela

Azana 23 hours ago
GIDDES CHALAMANDA - Linny Wakwatibwa

Linny Wakwatibwa

K-Ci & JoJo - Crazy


K-Ci & JoJo 23 hours ago
Ntate Stunna - Nka E Koala

Nka E Koala

Ntate Stunna 23 hours ago
Laura Izibor - Mmm. . .

Mmm. . .

Laura Izibor 23 hours ago
Tevin Campbell - Dandelion


Tevin Campbell 23 hours ago
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Lesedi FM live

Ke Mollelwa

Lesedi FM is an Adult Contemporary radio station broadcasting in the Sesotho language from Bloemfontein nationwide using different FM frequencies and on channel 906 on DSTv, and to the world via live streaming.

Its goal is to inform, educate and empower South Africans in general, and the Sesotho speaking community in particular. It offers a line-up comprised of news reports, weather and traffic updates, educational programmes, entertainment shows, talk shows where presenters discuss the most relevant issues of today and music shows where the Gospel and Sesotho traditional and contemporary music are the main focus.

Lesedi FM has also available on its website the podcasts to its main shows as well as the Top 30 playlist with the most requested songs by the audience on this station.

Main shows and presenters

  • Rea Kubeletsa (Afternoon Drive) with Nyakallo "Ba2cada" Leine
  • Makgulong A Matala with Thuso Motaung
  • Dia Wela Wela with Qboy Molebatsi
  • Mantswe A Supileng with Pastor Moruti Maine
  • Thoriso with Rev Lefa Pheto
Categories:  Adult Contemporary, Variety

Frequencies Lesedi FM

Bela-Bela: 88.4 FM

Bethlehem: 88.8 FM

Bloemfontein: 89.9 FM

Boshof: 99.9.FM

Bothaville: 89.8 FM

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Top Songs

Last 7 days:

1. The Soil - Hamba Uyosebenza

2. Ntate Stunna - Nka E Koala

3. GIDDES CHALAMANDA - Linny Wakwatibwa

4. Paddy Kingsland - Futures

5. Maleh - Kopa Tsela

6. Sents'o - Monyaka(Hoenene)

7. 2Point1 - Ndi Bambe (feat. SoulStar & Vee The Vocalist)

8. Kasango - Misava

9. Bleeding Fingers - Cold Copy

10. Jonathan Butler - 7th Avenue South

Last 30 days:

1. The Soil - Hamba Uyosebenza

2. Ntate Stunna - Nka E Koala

3. Paddy Kingsland - Futures

4. Sents'o - Monyaka(Hoenene)

5. 2Point1 - Ndi Bambe (feat. SoulStar & Vee The Vocalist)

6. Maleh - Kopa Tsela

7. Ricky Pannell - Beauty Mark

8. Zuma - Iy'ntsimbi Zase Envy (feat. Busta 929, Beast Rsa & Dladla Mshunqisi) [Vol.2 Kwaaito Edition]

9. GIDDES CHALAMANDA - Linny Wakwatibwa

10. Vangelis - Titles



Lesedi FM 33 – 35 Cnr. Markgraaf & Kellner Street Westdene Bloemfontein 9300, South africa


+27 51 503 3091



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