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Mutha FM is a South African based global music and lifestyle platform where artists from all over the world can present and showcase their work and interact with listeners and other musicians across the Mutha network.

It live streams 24/7 through the internet and offers content created and presented by presenters, artists and DJs spread all over the world. Its line-up features various music shows and live performances, as well as news reports, event reviews, and informative talk shows on music lifestyle.

Popular shows

  • Mutha’s Music Meltdown
  • Save The Rave
  • Wavelength
  • Love House Therapy
  • Word, Sound & Power
  • Sound Language

Popular DJs

  • Darren Afrika
  • DJ Juice
  • Dubmasta
  • DJ Prophet 777
  • Eric Underhill
  • Easy G
  • Badboy Charl
Categories:  House, Trance, EDM - Electronic Dance Music

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Top Songs

Last 7 days:

1. Mutha Jones - Mutha Knows

2. Sax In the City - Sax in the City

3. will fm - evenings

4. Saros - Road Trip

Last 30 days:

1. Mutha Jones - Mutha Knows

2. will fm - evenings

3. Sax In the City - Sax in the City

4. Saros - Road Trip

5. Scoundrels - Loud N Proud

6. New Years Eve Djs Collective - New Years Eve

7. VHS-FM - Early Morning

8. FM Down - New Years Day

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