Roaming Yogi Guided Meditation Podcast

Roaming Yogi Guided Meditation Podcast

Natalie Perez

Guided meditations to bring more mindfulness and awareness to your life. Helping you to be your best self and live your best life. Brought to you by Natalie Perez - a yoga teacher teacher who helps others make yoga + meditation a part of their lives by bringing it into their homes.

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For this meditation, I’m inviting you to think of an idea or goal that you want to work on; that you want to bring to life. This idea has been floating out in the cosmos; in the realm of universal consciousness. In this meditation, we’re going to take this idea or goal down through each of the chakras, moving from the realms of imagination and expression (the upper chakras) down into the realms of physicality and experience (the lower chakras). You can read more about the manifestation current (and about how I manifested my idea of traveling the world) in this blog post:

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