The Perfect Couple Podcast

The Perfect Couple Podcast

KP & Keaira LaShae

FAR from PERFECT but DOPE AF! In this series of The Perfect Couple Podcast, high school sweethearts Keaira LaShae and KP discuss all things marriage including LOVE, LIFE, KIDS, RUNNING BUSINESSES TOGETHER, MARRIED SEX LIFE and more! They will keep you laughing with their hilarious debates while also giving you SOLID, HONEST and REAL relationship advice!

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We did a show called Wife Swap where we traded places with another married couple and BOOOYYY... It was interesting! The show paired us with a completely polar opposite family. The other wife believed that "WOMEN SHOULD BE SEEN AND NOT HEARD" and that men that helped in the home was apart of the pussification of America.. Needless to say... you guys should definitely check out this episode to hear about our experience, behind the scenes of the show and updates! Follow us on IG: @theperfectcouplepodcast IG: @KeairaLaShae and @KP_theceo Get Our Vegan Cookbook here: Get fun dance fitness dvd here: Join "MOVE" Our Online Gym:

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