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Chai FM is a Jewish-community radio station that broadcasts to the Greater Johannesburg on the frequency 101.9 FM. The station also live streams globally through the internet, allowing a greater audience to listen live to its programming. The podcasts of its main shows are also available online, on this radio station's website.

The station serves the Jewish community by offering informative and relevant content tailored to its interests. It provides in-depth and up-to-date news coverage of every development in the Middle East and well as of Jewish issues around the world. Its line-up also includes talk shows on current affairs and on specific topics such as finance, technology, health and lifestyle and educational programmes about Judaism and Jewish history. 

Chai Fm also offers a broad music selection throughout its broadcasts, playing various genres such as Mizrachi music, Israeli Pop, Classic music, Jazz and all the mainstream hits from the 90s till today.

Main programmes

  • Morning Mayhem
  • Chai Kids
  • Judaism 101.9
  • Chai Drive
  • Mystical Texts
  • Cooking Corner
  • Jewish History
  • Tech Talk
  • People of the Book

Main presenters

  • Howard Feldman
  • Dennis Prager
  • Rabbi Moshe Shnrb
  • Janice Leibowitz
  • Roy Perez
  • Professor Barry Schoub
  • Rabbi Michael Katz
  • Aidel Kazilsky
Categories:  Religious

Frequencies Chai FM 101.9

Johannesburg: 101.9 FM




Chestnut Hill Shopping Centre, Upper Level, 3 Birt Street, Raedene Johannesburg, 2192 South Africa


+27 10 140 4090


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