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Radio Al Ansaar is a community radio whose goal is to serve the Muslim community by offering it religious, informative and entertaining content.

The station's line-up combines news reports with the latest national and global developments as well as community-focused news, light entertainment shows that feature cooking recipes exchanges and lifestyle tips, religious programmes about Islam and the Quran, music shows and talk shows devoted to the most relevant topics for the community and society in general.

Radio Al Ansaar broadcasts to Durban and Pietermaritzburg on the frequencies 90.4 FM and 105.6 FM, respectively, and worldwide through the live streaming service it provides on its website, where additionally listeners can find the podcasts of the station's main shows.

Most popular shows

  • The Breakfast Rush
  • The Urban Woman 
  • The Social Network
  • The Afternoon Jam
  • Business Matters 
  • Nasheeds/Lectures
  • Community Buzz
  • Kidz Zone

Main presenters

  • Nichal Sarawan
  • Razia Rangrage 
  • Zahir Bassa
  • Fahim Jamadar
  • Buddy Govender 
  • Fatima Karrim
Categories:  Religious, News, Islam

Frequencies Radio Al Ansaar

Durban: 90.4 FM

Pietermaritzburg: 105.6 FM



207 West Rd, Sydenham, Berea, 4091, South Africa


+27 31 208 1601


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