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Cii Radio

Cii Radio - live

Cii Radio is an endowment to the Muslim Ummah and a non-profit radio station that aims to serve the Muslim community in South Africa and in the world. With that intent, it offers informative and religious content that encourage the listeners to think and to become aware of the many sides of Islam while providing spiritual and social support. 

Its line-up is comprised of news reports, talk shows about the main subject of interest to today's society such as health, finance or technology and light entertainment shows such as radio dramas. Throughout its broadcast, the also can also enjoy nasheeds and the station's team of presenters provide informative content for the community as with the case of nikah announcements. 

Cii Radio is an online radio station and the audience can listen live to its broadcast by accessing the live stream service on its website, where the station also makes available the podcasts to its main shows.

Featured programmes

  • Doctors on Air
  • International Jummah Khutbah
  • Nurul Qalb
  • On the Pulse
  • The Virtuous Woman
  • Lifestyle – Recipes & Open Lines
  • Tafseer – Qari Umar Ba Sheikh
  • Yaum Un Jadeed
  • In the Spotlight
  • Zohr Salaah & Quraan Recital
  • Virtues of Sahabah

Main presenters

  • Zahir Bassa
  • Dr Mohamed Solwa
  • Hassen Cassim
  • Dr Farouk Haffejee
  • Mualimah Shamiela
  • Ustaadh Faheem
  • Safeera Kaka
  • Imraan Ismail
Categories:  Islam, Talk

Frequencies Cii Radio

Johannesburg: Online




53 Crownwood Rd, Johannesburg South, 2091 Johannesburg, South Africa


+27 11 494 7007


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