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Salaamedia is an online radio station launched in 2006 under the motto "Humanitarian Journalism". The station aims to provide complete and informative news reports that go deeper into the issues with the intent of educating the audience and call their attention to the need for change.

The goal of the station is to merge journalism with humanitarianism and activism in hopes of promoting a positive change in the world. With that in mind, it offers a line-up comprised of news reports and talk shows covering a wide range of humanitarian topics. It also broadcast several educational shows throughout the day, presented by renowned journalists. 

Salaamedia has a humanitarian and development wing, the Salaam Foundation, a non-profit organisation that supports South African and world communities facing the challenges of poverty, war and natural disasters. Listeners are invited to visit the station's website to learn more about this organisation and the activities promoted by Salaamedia. Here that can also access the station's live streaming service to listen live to its broadcasts and the podcasts of its the main shows and news reports.

Main shows

  • The Alternative View
  • The Maryam Mkwanda Show
  • Influencers Corner
  • Educational Insights
  • Friday Night with ST
  • Mid-Morning Talk

Main presenters

  • Inayet Wadee
  • Pearl Khumalo
  • Safaraaz Takolia
  • Julie Alli
  • Maryam Mkwanda
Categories:  News, Islam

Frequencies Salaamedia

Johannesburg: Online




92 Xavier Street, Robertsham, Johannesburg, South Africa


+27 11 680 0355


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